Self Inquiry

“Other than Self Inquiry, there are no adequate

means to make the mind permanently subside.” – Ramana


"These practices, modalities and disciplines    can bring you to the threshold but NOT to full Awareness because once there is a gap in the practice, the false self conditioning quickly reasserts itself.


The false-self-identity is just a thought. Thought, the mind and the false-self-identity are therefore synonymous, and all suffering arises due to this illusory entity. Joy, which is a flatline without an opposite, is another name for Who You Really Are.

When you are fully Aware of yourself as Joy or Consciousness you realize that the world/universe is inside you and NOT the other way around … it IS literally You in a temporary state [and therefore not real] and yet the experience of it IS Real.


Self Inquiry returns this unbroken state of Consciousness to you … what may be called Joy, Freedom, Abundance, Peace, Beauty, Love or Truth.


It is simpler than simple and if pursued persistently and vigilantly is the most Direct Route HOME to Who You Really Are. While this Truly ‘is’ effortless, vigilance does require effort – a Divine Dichotomy."

Exerpt from John's book: "SELF DISCOVERY AND SELF INQUIRY"

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